The company

The company

Flexibility and quality

Flexibility and quality are the values that, more than anything, have always made us strategic partners for the companies that choose us as suppliers.

Specialized in the furniture of dashboard, accelerometers and sensors for car and motorcycle sectors and in the civil and industrial electronics, we are also the reference point for customers in the alarms, home appliance and lighting sectors.

To the supplying of the best solutions and the variety of top-range products are added the maximum competence in the field of feasibility studies, in the design of complete electronic and mechanical systems, in the tests for the validation and qualification of the products, in the fast prototyping both pre-series and mass production and in the components supply.

Our long and consolidated experience in the electronic field is combined with a high-level service, always oriented towards the satisfaction of the specific needs of each project: from automatic optical inspection (AOI) to automatic parameter control (ICT), from functional automatic camera control (FCT) to the technical and commercial after-sale assistance.

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